Parliamentarian Advises the Executive Board and members on matters of parliamentary procedure. Serves as a consultant, especially in a meeting, where only the chair has the authority to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquiries. This is a voting position so attendance to all officer, Executive Board and General PTA meetings are required.


  • Maintains copies of current governing documents - bylaws, standing rules, policies and parliamentary authority.
  • Provides guidance to members and board members on issues outlined in governing documents.
  • Ensure your Local PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.
  • Confer with president prior to the meeting regarding business items on the agenda.
  • Advises the president on points of parliamentary procedure.
  • Maintains a position of impartiality and does not make motions, enter debate or vote

Board Positions:


Council Delegate is a voting position so attendance to all Executive Board meetings are required.


  • Attend all Council PTA regular meetings or see that an alternate attends instead.
  • Represent the Local PTA as a voting member of the Council PTA body.
  • Participate in all Council PTA discussions and deliberations. Each delegate (or alternate, if the delegate is not in attendance) is entitled to make motions, debate and vote at each Council PTA meeting.
  • Take careful notes of announcements and the program at the Council PTA meeting.
  • Seek information or ask approval from Local PTA members on matters affecting local units (your school).  Report and/or vote accordingly at the Council PTA meeting.
  • Post announcements of Council PTA activities on the BBE PTA website.


Historian is a voting position so attendance to all Executive Board meetings are required.


  • The historian prepares and updates a record of the activities and achievements of the PTA and makes

historical facts available on request to the membership.

  • The historian’s formal, written report is the official history, presented and adopted at the annual membership meeting and filed with the minutes. It is a summary of all the PTA’s activities for that fiscal year


Healthy Lifestyles

  • This is a board/voting position, so you MUST attend monthly Executive Board Meetings.
  • Serve as a liaison between your PTA and the community regarding health-related issues.
  • Create opportunities for parent engagement and education that fit our local needs, using local assets (parents, businesses, nonprofits) as well as Texas PTA and National PTA resources.

Upcoming Events

September 8-21: Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

September 21: Elementary Holiday/ Staff Workday

September 22: PTA Executive Board meeting at 7pm via Zoom

September 24: PTA General Meeting at 7pm via Zoom

September 30: Deadline for Help Louisiana Donations

October 5-9: FALL BREAK

October 14: School photos for face to face students

October 14: PTA Executive board meeting 7pm via zoom

November 11: PTA Executive board meeting 7pm via zoom

November 12: School photos for virtual students by appointment

November 12: School photo make-up day for face to face students

No Upcoming Events


2019-2020 Memory Book

Memory Books purchased during the 2019-2020 school year will be distributed in the classrooms to in-person students the week of August 24. Online learners still needing to pick up their book will be distributed the following week. Limited supply of books still available for purchase online at




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