Healthy Lifestyles

  • This is a board/voting position, so you MUST attend monthly Executive Board Meetings.
  • Serve as a liaison between your PTA and the community regarding health-related issues.
  • Create opportunities for parent engagement and education that fit our local needs, using local assets (parents, businesses, nonprofits) as well as Texas PTA and National PTA resources.

Honorary Life Member Awards

  • This is a board/voting position, so you MUST attend monthly Executive Board Meetings.
  • Forms a committee of past recipients in March to go over nominations and then award new recipients at the May General PTA Meeting.

Legislative Action

  • This is a board/voting position, so you MUST attend monthly Executive Board Meetings.
  • Determine the legislative goals to be achieved as well as communicating and sharing important information with PTA members.
  • Attend Local PTA Executive Board and General Meetings and provide legislative updates.
  • Promote and participate in Texas PTA’s biannual legislative Rally Day! at the Capitol.
  • Participate in Council and Texas PTA committees and/or subcommittees.

Memory Book

  • This is a board/voting position, so you MUST attend monthly Executive Board Meetings.
  • Works with the publishing company to set up all needed programs to create and edit the Memory Book as well as follows schedule and page deadlines.
  • Creates the book with the help of Memory Book Club students, which includes school events, class pages, and the cover of the book that is designed by the 5th grade
  • Organizes dates and events where photos need to be taken at.
  • Publicizes on-sale dates and deadlines.
  • Organizes and hands out books at the end of the year.



Art Masterpiece

  • PTA-funded enrichment program that provides our students with extra-curricular art history, instruction, and project.
  • There are two Art Masterpiece events: December and April.
  • Research artists and provide an activity.
  • Get parents to help volunteer by grade level.


Memory Book Club

  • Works with Memory Book chair to recruit and coordinate 5th grade students who will help create the Memory Book for the current year.
  • Meet once a week with students to edit and organize content for the Memory Book.
  • Help students take photos at events and gather interviews and information.
  • Students will help organize and deliver Memory Books at the end of the year.



  • Annual contest in the fall where students are challenged and encouraged to produce an original artistic entry via literature, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography, and film production to interpret the year’s theme.
  • Encourage students to participate.
  • Organize and publicize the Reflections contest, gather entries, secure an independent panel of judges to select the winning entries, announce the winners in the Buzz, and arrange for the 1st place winners to attend the next levels of the competition.
  • Organize the Participation Breakfast.

Upcoming Events


Volunteers of the Month

We are so thankful for our volunteers!

Lara Durand:  For helping so much with the ticket sales booth at FF. She was there the entire night, accommodating as many people as she could. It was so very helpful knowing she was there as I ran around like a crazy person! She was even-keeled and in good spirits the entire time...even when we were at our busiest!! So thankful for her!

Michelle Parker / Alison Davis / Barbara Goodwin: Helping in the library and for being available whenever and wherever I need them.

Debra Bache / Julie Geter / Michelle Parker / Katrina Bailey / Clara De Ridder / Brook Erwin (also for help with Nutcracker)  / Tina Pawlik: I had a lot of help on Santa's Workshop, but these volunteers did the most!

Ircka West: For doing an amazing job on Santa's Workshop!!