On Friday, November 11th 2022, we will be honoring the men and women who have served this great nation in all military branches. Our Veterans Day Celebration at BBE will include the following:


8:30 am: Veterans reception with a light brunch for invited guests in the BBE cafeteria

9:00 am: Veterans assembly with students, slideshow, Honor Choir, and guest speaker in the BBE cafeteria

9:30 am: The assembly will be dismissed and students will proceed to the fence on Tree Lane with signs and banners to cheer for our veterans as they form a car parade


Students may invite any immediate family member who is currently serving or who has previously served. For the slideshow, please email a photo of your invited veteran to, with the following information: Veteran's Name, Service Detail, Email Address

Please submit this form to pre-register your veteran and all family members who will attend. We will pre-print visitor badges for all who pre-register and who have previously had your drivers license scanned.