On Monday, 11 November, BBE is having a special celebration honoring our veterans. We begin the day with an assembly at 8:30 a.m. that recognizes these heroes and their families, followed by a reception for our guests. All veterans and their families are welcome to attend. If you have a veteran in your family, we would like to recognize them at the assembly and place their name on our Wall of Honor.


If you would like to have your veteran recognized, please fill out the following form, attach a picture of your veteran, and place it in the box in the front office. The deadline for the forms is Friday, 01 November. If you send in a picture, please send a copy and not the original (we are afraid an original picture could be damaged). If you do not have a picture, that is fine, just fill out the form and we will make a certificate for your veteran. Our Wall of Honor will be in the cafeteria for everyone to see.


If you have questions, please contact me at Veterans@bbepta.com.


Place the form and picture in the box in the front office by Friday, 01 November.






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