Volunteer Position Descriptions

The BBE PTA has many volunteer positions to choose from. If you would like to volunteer for one of them or get more information, please email the current position holder from the board member contact list. If the position is OPEN, please email the president for more information.

Officer Positions

President: Oversees and provides guidance for all PTA board members/committees and activities, creates agendas and conducts PTA meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, leads the school PTA toward specific goals chosen by the membership, and is the official representative of the school PTA. The president works closely with school administrators to meet the goals of the membership and is responsible for the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies/bylaws.


1st VP – Membership: Encourages families to sign up for the PTA by raising awareness about the benefits of PTA membership to the school, students, and families. Has a presence at the Back to School Open House and Welcome Breakfast to provide parents with information about PTA membership.


2nd VP – Ways and Means: Point person for all fundraisers and responsible for evaluating all fundraising events throughout the year and determining how everything is working (e.g., Should we add a new fundraiser? Do we have problems with existing fundraisers?).


3rd VP – Programs: Oversees the following program chairs: Arts in Education, Art Masterpiece, Reflections, Music Mondays, Parent/Student Education, Junior Achievement, Everybody Counts, and Community Service.


4th VP – Communications: Oversees the weekly Buzz newsletter, website, marquee, social media, and publicity, which includes providing content to the local newspaper announcements and the Humble Council of PTA’s newsletter and keeping the bulletin board current; informs the teachers, staff, students, and community of PTA activities and events via their channels of communication.


5th VP – Teacher Liaison: Teacher representative is who is the go-between with the PTA and teachers.


Secretary: Records the minutes at each PTA meeting, submits them to the PTA president and board for review, makes necessary revisions, and has them posted on the PTA website; prepares and photocopies minutes for the meetings; prepares a sign-in sheet for the executive meetings to record members present; keeps a print-out copy of all agendas and minutes in a binder; provides copies of the Bylaws and Standing Rules to any member of the PTA upon request; and prepares a Year-End Report for the last general meeting.


Treasurer: Controls all funds of the association, accounting for all receipts and expenditures, makes disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or association; that all checks are signed by two authorized PTA members; prepares a monthly Treasurer’s Report for the PTA Board prior to the monthly meeting and general meetings for approval; submits books annually for an audit by the Financial Reconciliation Committee.


Parliamentarian: Advises the president on questions of parliamentary law and matters of procedure and keeps an official copy of the current Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Executive Board Positions

Arts in Education: Oversees a Fine Arts program that will enrich the students’ learning of the arts. Works with the Art Masterpiece and Reflections committees. 

Fall Fest: Fall Fest is the PTA’s largest fundraiser. The Fall Fest Chair coordinates the PTA fall festival and determines the types of events to hold. The chair shall submit articles for the Buzz Blast before the event to promote the festival and a second article after the festival to report on the event. Oversees chairs for the various committees: Auction, Volunteer Coordinator, Games, Food, Setup, Sponsors, Ticket Sales, Decorations, and Class Baskets; and helps during the night of Fall Fest

  • FF Food
  • FF Sponsors
  • FF Games
  • FF Auction
  • FF Class Baskets
  • FF Volunteer Coordinator
  • FF Ticket Sales
  • FF Setup
  • FF Decorations


Healthy Lifestyles: Provides services and education that will promote healthy lifestyles in the home, school, and community; builds relationships with PE department, administration, and coordinated school health providers; offers programs to address areas of need; and knows HISD’s Wellness Policy (available online).


Historian: Takes pictures of various PTA events and makes a historian photo album of school events for the school year. Oversees the following chairs: Yearbook, Environmental Awareness, and Beautification.


Honorary Life Member Awards: **Must be a Texas PTA Life Member** Coordinates the meetings with the other members to discuss nominees; sends out ballots and tallies the votes; purchases the pins and certificates; coordinates the presenters at the final PTA general meeting.


Hospitality: The official host of the PTA unit and helps establish a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at PTA meetings and events and helps create a sense of belonging that invites members to become involved in PTA activities.


Legislative Action: Attends HISD school board meetings and reports back to the BBE PTA; assists PTA members in understanding the way in which governmental bodies function and the process by which laws are enacted; assists PTA members in effectively communicating with elected representatives at all levels of government; and provides PTA members with information on current and pending legislation that affects the health, safety, education, and welfare of the students.


Year Book: Provides a Memory Book that captures the special events of the school year, as well as the day-to-day environment at BBE; responsible for all aspects of putting together the annual yearbook, including, publicizing the sale of the book, dealing with the publisher, taking orders, page layout, photos, and other duties; organizes and works with the 5th Grade Yearbook Club; and works with the Homeroom Reps from each class to take pictures, review class information, and help with yearbook sales.

Teacher Appreciation: Assists with planning treats and events for the teachers on a weekly or monthly basis; helps with the Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheons, decorating, setting up, soliciting donations, serving refreshments, and cleaning up and delivering small, thoughtful gifts to BBE teachers and staff during the school year.


Volunteer Coordinator: Provides volunteers who are willing to work on a regular basis; coordinates and maintains volunteer database, clerical (Xerox, typing, filing, sorting, etc.), special assignments determined by classroom needs, and announcing training dates and times in the Buzz.


Committee Chairs

Bears on the Go: Works with Healthy Lifestyles to encourage students to ride their bikes to school more often; hold raffles for fun prizes for students who do ride their bikes to school.


Bike Rodeo: Coordinates volunteers to assist with activities, including engraving, obstacle course, and bike inspection; arranges for a speaker to talk about bike safety; distributes certificates; and serves drinks.


Box Tops/Amazon Smile/Kroger Rewards: Coordinates the collection of donated Box Tops, Amazon Smile and Kroger rewards donations and submits them for cash for BBE PTA-supported programs. In addition, the coordinator arranges and solicits the participation of all BBE families, friends, and relatives.



Copy Room: Coordinates volunteers to assist teachers with their cutting, copying, etc. needs.; schedules volunteers, coordinates training sessions, and communicates with office staff regarding copy room needs.


Cub Scout Liaison: Organizes Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts to lead flag ceremonies at the regular membership PTA meetings, in addition to receiving required Cub Scouts training per their organization’s requirements.


Do Dads: Coordinates a group of dads who wish to contribute to BBE; supports PTA goals; and coordinates work crews for heavy, physical labor projects.


Environmental Awareness/Beautification: Create and promote environmental awareness initiatives that unite parents, students, teachers, and campus administrators in an effort to protect children and their environment. Beautification: Keeps up with school flowerbeds and landscaping; organizes work parties for “school beautification projects,” which could be cleanup, maintenance or improvement.


Everybody Counts: Helps everyone know the person behind the disability and creates a climate in which we all feel at ease with one another’s differences; coordinates dates for the program, with approval from the principal and PTA president; arranges volunteers for every grade level and class; assembles all of the materials; and trains volunteers. Volunteers do not need previous experience in special education since this is not a “technical” program; however, volunteers must enjoy interacting with children.


Library Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits library volunteers who work in the library on a scheduled basis throughout the year and sets a schedule with the librarian.


Marquee: Updates the school marquee on a weekly basis.


Year Book Club: Recruits and coordinates 5th grade students who will help create the Memory Book for the current year.

Publicity: Provides PTA press releases about achievements and special events to local newspapers and other media and maintains the bulletin board in the front of the school.


Reflections: Reflections is an annual contest sponsored by the national PTA where students are challenged and encouraged to produce an original artistic entry via literature, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography, and film production to interpret the year’s theme. BBE students are encouraged to participate. Responsibilities include Organizing and publicizing the Reflections contest, gathering entries, securing an independent panel of judges to select the winning entries, announcing the winners in the Buzz, and arranging for the 1st place winners to attend the next levels of the competition.


Santa’s Workshop: A December fundraiser where students shop independently for Christmas gifts for family and friends. The chairperson receives a binder with the prior year's Plan of Work—detailed procedures, ideas, and contact information. Responsibilities include shopping for gifts and setting up the store, coordinating volunteers to assist in running the “store” each day, and helping deliver purchased items.


Science & Engineering Fair: Acts as support for the school’s Science & Engineering Fair; meets with science teachers to obtain information concerning the Science Fair schedule; solicits judges for three other district Science Fairs; purchases participation and winning ribbons for all participating students; purchases food and beverages to serve the judges at our Science Fair; and assists Science Fair winners with their progression on through the higher-level Science Fairs.


Social Media: Responsible for the BBE PTA Facebook and Twitter pages, along with its contents; monitors current events and announcements of the PTA and the school; promotes events, school milestones, emergency alerts, weather delays, school closings, and more; and works closely with the Membership Chairperson to encourage followers to join the PTA and with the individual committee chairpersons to promote events.


Spirit Nights: Arranges Spirit Nights with local restaurants and sponsors; communicates the locations, dates, and times in order to advertise the events; prepares signs and announcements to notify staff, students, and parents about the scheduled spirit nights; and works with the Spirit Night sponsors to receive donations.


Sunshine: Recognizes personal events among the BBE staff such as births, illnesses, sympathies, congratulations, birthdays, or any other appropriate recognition; plans special events throughout the year to celebrate the students.


Veteran’s Day Program: Prepares for the annual Veterans Day Program, which includes an assembly that recognizes these heroes and their families followed by a reception.


Volunteer Appreciation: Plans activities, treats, and small special events throughout the year to show our hardworking volunteers that they are appreciated; writes short articles announcing the Volunteers of the Month for the Buzz; and works with the president to determine "Volunteers of the Month."

Manages the BBE PTA website and works with Communications to collect information to post to the website.


4th Grade Manners Banquet: Coordinate the manners banquet in the BBE cafeteria.


5th Grade Awards Banquet: Coordinate the end-of-the-year awards banquet.


5th Grade Nutcracker: Help with The Nutcracker program.


5th Grade Patriots Day: Coordinate this program that shows students what it was like to live in colonial times.


Kindergarten Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.


1st Grade Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.


2nd Grade Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.


3rd Grade Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.


4th Grade Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.


5th Grade Representative: Liaison between the PTA and the teachers.